About Us:

Founded in 2013 as a culmination of the brothers’ passion for beer, the Angry Fox Brewing Co. is based in South Lyon, Michigan.

We are a two man operation comprised of Davis brothers Jim and Chris, brewing craft beers on an all-electric pico-brewing system custom built by Jim.    The system is loosely based on plans widely available online and was hand assembled over the course of about 3 months during 2013 and early 2014.    Our current system produces approximately 12gallons of fermentable wort, the very basis of our craft beers.   We currently ferment in one of two 13 gallon conical fermenters and produce about 10gallons of beer per batch.

Our mission is to brew unique but highly-drinkable session ales.  We like to keep it simple and avoid ‘crazy’ additional ingredients that detract from our vision of a great small batch beer; however, we do occasionally dip our mash-paddles into small experimental batches with the desire to learn more about the grand variety of styles being made popular by the contemporary craft-brewing movement.